More then 45 years ago i got my Dutch licence PA0RJV. Some years ago after moving to France, now active under F4VSG.

I am a radio amateur with passion. a developer of various, often high frequency, equipment.

40 years ago already active on 144, 70, 23, 13 and 10 GHz.

In the early years tubes, QQE-03-12 QQE 06-40 2C39 4CX250 as example. Pinch cavities were used on 13 cm as mixer and PA-stage.

A lot of my RF equipment is home made, various specialized measuring equipment and tools are used in my shack and mechanical workshop.

A lot of antenne measuring equipment is often used when making antenna’s for own use or friends. My workshop (partly my QRL’s) makes it more easy to combine mechanical aspects to the electronic part of the hobby. And often when mechanically not OK the electronics do not work, or partly.

Somtimes active during radio-contests. Unfortunately my home QTH is not RF friendly.

In the northern direction (between 290 and 80 degrees) is a ‘mountain area’ approx 100 meter higher than my location. So not ideal for VHF — GHz activities.

So contesting ”all around” is only possible at a nearby ”high” location.

But during contesting from my home QTH nice long distance contacts far into Italy have been possible.

On 70 cm less than 100 Watt

One of the problems in this rural region, no activities on 23 cm, 13 cm & 10 GHz.

No beacons, so difficult to improve my equipment.

I already set up 2 beacons, one for 23 and one for 13 to place at an external location some kilometers from me to optimize my own equipment.

For 10 GHz i put on a nearby beacon some years ago, see the story under antennae and feeds…

Here only in the south-eastern direction there is ”nice antenne view”